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We have Repaired all forms of Macbook & MacBook Pro from PowerBook G4 (2001) to the latest 5K retina MacBook Pro.

If you are looking for Apple Experts for your all MacBook Pro models repair in Delhi then look no further. Perfect Mac Solutions specialise in out of warranty repairs of MacBook. We have a pool of highly trained and certified software engineers and technicians to complete care of your all Apple MacBook problems. All MacBook Repair services come with warranty as standard.

Our MacBook Repair skills have been tried and tested over the years and here’s a few of the reasons why you should choose us!

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iMac Repairs

What we do:

  • Cracked /Broken Glass Replacement in Mac
  • Logic Board Repair/Replacement in Mac
  • Liquid / Water damaged Repair in Mac
  • Hard Drive Upgrade /Replacement in Mac
  • Slow Booting Issue In iMac
  • Data Recovery from Formatted or Dead Mac HDD
  • Graphic Card Repair /Replacement in Mac
  • Over Heating issue Resolve in Mac
  • Memory/RAM up-gradation in Mac
  • Inverter Board Repair / Replacement in Mac
  • Display Screen Repair/Replacement in Mac
  • Sound / Wifi / Bluetooth issue Resolve in Mac
  • Camera Repair / Replacement in Mac
  • FAN Repair/Replacement in Mac
  • Power Supply Repairs/Replacement in Mac
  • Flashing Folder on startup / Folder Question Mark issue Resolution in Mac
  • Memory RAM Upgradation in Mac
  • Rebooting/Restarting issue Resolution in Mac
  • EFI password removal in Mac
  • Kernel Error issue resolving in Mac
  • Blank Screen fault repair in Mac
  • Beep sound issue repair in Mac
  • Dual Boot windows installation in Mac
  • SSD upgrade in Mac
  • Speaker Repair in Mac
  • USB port repair in Mac
  • Thunder port Repair in Mac
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